Sunday, June 1, 2008

Little Entrepreneurs

I wish y'all could see what I'm seeing right now from my porch. At the end of our driveway is a tea stand, the money-making brain-child of our three kids. They agreed to do everything from set-up to clean-up, and their enthusiasm was impossible to deny: consequently, a business was born.

The organization appears to be flourishing as three cars have already stopped and made purchases. On staff: Lexi and Skylar--advertising; Maisie--customer service; all three--accounting (are there trust issues among personnel?); Penny-Poo (master barker and hackle-raiser)--security. I stopped by the enterprise to get some pictures but the camera needed one more battery than I actually had. So I'll try to describe the scene...

They hear a car coming down the road. There's a brief flurry of activity as bodies are positioned strategically and signs are lifted high into the air. The car slows (there's a dog and kids by the road, after all!). Then shoulders slump as the car goes on by. Time between cars is spent singing Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift songs. And my oh my can those voices carry!

However, on occasion a thirsty or just plain nice prospective customer will happen along and patronize the stand. There are three sizes of tea to choose from, which are introduced with a smile along with the prices. Ten cents will get you a Dixie cup-sized drink, 25 cents will get you a small coffee-cup size, and 50 cents will get a large coffee cup size. Ice goes in first, then the peach-tea is poured. Customers are sent away with a cold drink on a hot day and a big "Thank You!"

Ooh! More customers! Two guys on a four-wheeler stopped by for some liquid refreshment and hospitality! (This is just too stinkin' cute! Blast those darn camera batteries for running out of juice! Too bad it's not tea-powered.)

Free enterprise at its finest! :-)