Thursday, August 6, 2009

Top 10 Things About She Speaks, 2009

***This top ten list is really in no particular order as that would require WAY more mental energy than I can churn out right now. All I can say for sure is that number 1 truly is number 1. :-)

10. The introduction of the "Just Hangin' Out" track. Melissa Milbourn executed perfect role modeling for aspiring chillaxer-encouragers.

9. Riding through the rain in a certain someone's (very P31 high profile...think presidential, even) Chick-fil-A-mobile with my homey. Holly GOOD lives up to her name--what a sweet, dear woman.

8. Our front desk man Shawn ensuring our hotel guest needs were not only met, but exceeded expectations.

7. The hotel room! Why, oh why, did we not take pictures. It was SUCH the bomb.

6. Missy's late night concert via computer. I heard some amazing songs from this friend I never knew existed. The prayer meetin' rocked too. ;-)

5. Lunch with Wendy Pope as I watched her become indoctrinated into the "just hangin' out" track. She's now its biggest fan and promoter.

4. Getting to speak with four publishing professionals about my book and series idea! Three of them expressed that there is a definite need for this work. Nobody sugar-coated anything or made pie-in-the-sky promises, but they all left doors open for submission when I get it to that point. (And in this publishing season of NO unsolicited submissions, that is huge.) I was also able to introduce myself to the acquisitions editor at Revell and tell her I have devotions in two of their books coming out this fall. We chatted and she was so excited about the finished products--that was way cool and I really can't wait to see them now!

3. Reconnecting with buddies! There was Lisa Morrone, who blessed me by praying over me right before a meeting with a publisher. I met Lisa at my very first She Speaks in '06 and we've been friends ever since. And there was Sanya who was in my speaker evaluation group two years ago. Sanya, it was truly a blessing having dinner with you. You ministered to me as we broke bread together.

2. Seeing Mary DeMuth every time I turned around and helping her distribute her book Daisy Chain to all the lucky ladies in her session, AND receiving a copy myself! WOO HOO! Utterly stoked about reading it.

And the Number One thing about She Speaks, 2009 is...

1. Being continually amazed by God in about 1001 different ways as He showed me gift after gift. The main sessions were stellar and humbling. The breakout sessions were informative and practical, while tapping into heart matters. Lord, this simple little two word phrase can't being to capture the humongous feeling in my heart, but please accept it as a sacrifice and act of worship: THANK YOU. Thank you. Soooo grateful...