Thursday, September 23, 2010

F.D.O.S. '10

Wait, what's the date again?

Oh. October 1st?

Well, then according to KST (Kathy Standard Time) it's time I post the first day of school pictures. Yes, silly, they ARE 2010--I know! Not bad, right?
Illustrious academics, roaring to get ta tha learnin' and stuff.

Lexi busted out her cute headband for the first day of Jr. High. Skylar, now in 4th grade, was waving the yes-we-read-and-signed-bus-rules sheet he was getting ready to hand to the driver. Maisie was sporting her rad sling and not TOO jazzed to be starting Jr. High with it. And Penny? Well, maybe she heard the bus coming. She never wants to miss the opportunity to escort her friends to the big yellow box that picks them up.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Fix: Cyclists Aren't Necessarily Peddlers

A flower has PETALS.

A person hocking wares (or peddling) PEDDLES.

And a cyclist PEDALS.

Just don't go peddling petals while pedaling or you could end up hurt! ;-)