Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things I Want to Say At Walmart But I Don't

You are able-bodied, have no kids with you, and you pushed a full cart all the way back to your car.  Can you really not push it while it's empty 15 feet away to the cart corral?

Can we please institute an "Extreme Couponers Only" check-out station?  Or at least a "No Extreme Couponers" check-out station? (Kind of like the express one?)

Why yes, I did say "excuse me" while passing in front of your line of vision to the shelf.  But don't trouble yourself to respond.  I know you're concentrating.

No need to move your cart from the very center of the aisle to the side.  The extra calories I burn turning around and taking a different aisle back around to end up on the other side of you will do me some good.

Heavens, no, I didn't find everything okay!

Lord, help me have a better attitude and be grateful for the convenience and provision.  (Okay, I do say that one, to myself.)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fix: Tomorrow

Everyone put on your orange afro wig and belt out with me:

OOoooh, the sun'll come out, tomarrow
Bet your bottom arrow that tomarrow... er, wait a minute.  Something's wrong.  Arrow?  Crikey!  There's no "a" in tomorrow!  Anywhere!

Let's regroup and try the second stanza of verse 1:

Just thinkin' about tomorrow
Takes away the cobwebs and the sorrow
'Til there's none.

Yes, that's it.  Tomorrow rhymes with sorrow and borrow, not arrow or bone marrow.

Contrary to what you see slopped all over facebook or a folded sheet of binder paper being passed across study hall, there is no "a" in the word "tomorrow". Also note-worthy are the double "r", and single "m"--poor things are misrepresented in this pesky word too.  But I couldn't think of a memorable song for them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Uh...(thump thump thump) Is This Thing On?

Good gravy, it's been almost an entire YEAR since I posted on this thing and the format for doing it has changed dramatically.  We'll see if it works.  At least there's no rust or cobwebs.  I think a tumbleweed just rolled by though.

Why the hiatus?  You might say the ol' creativity well dried up.  Temporarily.  And I'm not ready to announce a big dam burst or anything like that either.  But I do know this.  Little by little and drop by drop, inspiration is once again starting to form tiny cloud bursts (kind of like the little hand-sized cloud Elijah's servant saw in 1 Kings 18:44?).  And even more important is the excitement about maybe, just possibly, starting to share them again.  Lord Jesus, thank you.  Your will be done.