Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fix: Tomorrow

Everyone put on your orange afro wig and belt out with me:

OOoooh, the sun'll come out, tomarrow
Bet your bottom arrow that tomarrow... er, wait a minute.  Something's wrong.  Arrow?  Crikey!  There's no "a" in tomorrow!  Anywhere!

Let's regroup and try the second stanza of verse 1:

Just thinkin' about tomorrow
Takes away the cobwebs and the sorrow
'Til there's none.

Yes, that's it.  Tomorrow rhymes with sorrow and borrow, not arrow or bone marrow.

Contrary to what you see slopped all over facebook or a folded sheet of binder paper being passed across study hall, there is no "a" in the word "tomorrow". Also note-worthy are the double "r", and single "m"--poor things are misrepresented in this pesky word too.  But I couldn't think of a memorable song for them.

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Sarah said...

Well, shoot. How did I miss the solo?