Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things I Want to Say At Walmart But I Don't

You are able-bodied, have no kids with you, and you pushed a full cart all the way back to your car.  Can you really not push it while it's empty 15 feet away to the cart corral?

Can we please institute an "Extreme Couponers Only" check-out station?  Or at least a "No Extreme Couponers" check-out station? (Kind of like the express one?)

Why yes, I did say "excuse me" while passing in front of your line of vision to the shelf.  But don't trouble yourself to respond.  I know you're concentrating.

No need to move your cart from the very center of the aisle to the side.  The extra calories I burn turning around and taking a different aisle back around to end up on the other side of you will do me some good.

Heavens, no, I didn't find everything okay!

Lord, help me have a better attitude and be grateful for the convenience and provision.  (Okay, I do say that one, to myself.)


Sarah said...

Oh my, you speak so near and dear to my heart. Why must a visit to Wal-Mart always be so frustrating and bring out the worst in me? You're right that we should be thankful, but most of the time I leave there annoyed!

nicole said...

The cart one gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Seriously, you can't walk the extra five feet to put it in the corral?? said...

haha...I like the dedicated aisle idea!