Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat, 2007!

This poor unsuspecting chef is about to fall into the clutches, what was I again? Since most of the effort and planning went into the kids' costumes, Shane and I came up with ours in about five minutes. I just slapped on some scary make-up and a hood, but I'm not really sure "what" I was!

Spiderman battles ornery Pirate Girl to save the Egyptian Queen and her treasures.

Spidey shows off some of his awesome web-throwing technique. He's so dexterous he's even able to web-shoot while protecting his candy bucket from harm!

Egyptian Queen demonstrates how to "Walk Like An Egyptian" to observers. Not only is it an appropriate cultural response to 80's girl band music--esp. the Bangles, but also to Steve Martin's "King Tut." (Oh yes, I really had the "45" for that song!)

More rad moves from Spidey--the "crouch and shoot" position.

Pirate Girl peruses the landscape in search of her ship. Be that her pirate buddies a'sailin' on the horizon, Matey?
Egyptian Queen demonstrates the side-to-side head move, another popular Egyptian dance.

Hammin' it up while waiting on the rest of the posse. Pirate Girl's parrot scouts the ground for snacks. "RAWW RAWW, Polly want a pumpkin seed."

The whole sordid bunch. Even Penny-Poo cooperated for this shot. She was dressed as a furry chocolate bar. :-)

Attitude. Nuf said.

Enjoying the fruits of Trick-or-Treating. Much bargaining, wheeling and dealing, and bartering took place. Ultimately, Spidey saw good conquer evil, Pirate Girl was content with her evening's plunder, and Egyptian Queen was delighted with her new treasure.

The rest of the pictures are from carving pumpkins on Sunday. WE LOVE HALLOWEEN!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cave-In-Rock Trip

I hope you'll all indulge me as I share some of my favorite pix from our trip last weekend. We had a great time on our little get-away.

This was our cabin. It was a duplex, so only the right half was ours. We had a beautiful view of the Ohio River and saw some huge barges going by.

Here's the fam standing on a rock at Cave-In-Rock Park. It was just a short walk from the cabin. That's the Ohio River in the background.

This is the name-sake of the place, the "Cave In Rock" where pirates used to hang out in the old days and wait for something to come by they could ambush. Supposedly movies have been filmed here, but we didn't find out which ones. Shane asked some park workers for brochures but they said they don't have any because everything's online now. So he asked if they had internet hook-up. The answer? No. (?????)

The cave goes back farther, but I'm sure you don't want to see ALL my pictures! :-)

This was the scenic outlook at the Garden of the Gods. I was shocked that there were no fences or even warning signs, because one wrong step could've resulted in a fall to the death!

My nerves were shot trying to keep my eye on the kids and with all the other people around, it was tough. The kids LOVED peering over edges and slipping though tight spots. (I kept reminding God of his promise in Psalm 91:11-12. "For he orders his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you with their hands to keep you from striking your foot on a stone." I figured they'd keep their heads from striking stones too, Amen?)

This picture represents my favorite part of the trip. We took a hike on a trail at Garden of the Gods called Indian Point. We got off the trail and scaled down from a high point to discover a bunch of little caves and neat places. And we had it all to ourselves! The kids also tried their hand at rock climbing (I stayed on bottom to cushion any falls) and Shane and I were both so impressed with how well they did strategizing where to put their feet and hands.

Back in Cave-In-Rock, we saw a sign for an old jailhouse so we had to go check that out. Like everything else, it was free and standing wide open for anyone to view. The kids had misbehaved so we had them apprehended and taken into custody. :-)

The big jail bust!

Oddly enough, the past came closer to the present than I would've thought. One of the most interesting historic landmarks to the kids was...a telephone booth!!! Shane told them that before cell phones, people had to stop their cars to make phone calls from one of these things. They could not believe you put coins inside. Of course, they had to check it out. This one was actually still in service.
So who'd have thought...The mystery of caves and rock formations, the intrigue of a den for piracy and the backdrop of films, an old-time jail that held real "bad guys" and...a telephone booth. We had a great time!