Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cue John Mellencamp's "Small Town"

Okay, so I'm sitting here working away at work (seriously) and out of my second floor window I hear squealing brakes followed by a crash. I fly to the window to see a white car stopped in the middle of the intersection. There's some denting on the front passenger side, but nothing major. A man gets out and I see him talking to someone I can't see because the gazebo is obstructing my view. I move to another window and see another car. This one is in worse shape as the whole front hood is buckled up into an "A" shape.

As I was considering who to call or whether I even should (both drivers had cell phones), I watch a police car pull up. (It's not often you see what goes down in an accident unless you're directly involved!) I see an officer--who happens to play bass guitar in a certain praise band--step into the situation and take control of things with a smile on his face.

Seems like a weird train of thought, but that little scene made me think, "Man, I LOVE livin' in this small town." Crazy, huh?

But I love that the officer who was there to help is not only a praise band bass player, but also an elder at church and a coach and role model to many.

I love that his wife will teach my girls next year. And that one of their sons used to go to the same baby-sitter my kids did.

I love that I see my daughter's teacher out running every evening and setting a great example of being fit to all the kids she influences (and their families!)

I love that my son's teacher has been a dear friend for years, that her older son is the same age as my girls, and that we'll be attending the same sporting events until they graduate.

I love that another dear friend is a co-worker who I've looked up to and loved since I first met her. My whole family loves KK and Marty and given the choice to play anyone at UNO, they'd choose Marty first. ;-)

I love that we see our dentist at 4-H functions, our chiropractor at church, and our doctor's nurse at basketball games.

In fact, I love that I can walk from my desk at work and BE at my chiropractor's in less than 120 steps.

I love that our youth minister is also a coach and that our bank teller gives the kids piano lessons. And the list could go on an on.

I guess that's what it means to be part of a community. And I'm so grateful to be a part of this one. (And Officer Sisson? Where in the Sam Hill was your coat?! It's 14 degrees out there!) ;-)