Friday, July 30, 2010

Anyone Know Anything About Rabbits?

Okay, it's Friday, but instead of a Fix I want to share a picture of the newest member of the Lay family.

Meet Gracie...

Now, getting a rabbit hadn't even appeared as a blip on the radar screen. We simply went in to Shane's mom's house for a visit and ended up coming home with another pet.

Apparently, a 4-H kid was tired of caring for this little cutie and her family was just going to turn it loose. A kind gal overheard and wouldn't stand for it. So she took the rabbit along with two other ones, vowing to find them good homes. This kind gal happens to be a neighbor of my mother-in-law and thought our kiddos might enjoy a new pet.

She was right.

And how has Penny-Poo adapted?

All signs indicate that if we can keep her from playing "too hard" things should work out just fine!

Now, can anyone tell me anything I should know about rabbit-keeping? For starters, what kind of rabbit is this?

Thanks for any help!