Sunday, January 14, 2007

Finishing Genesis

As our RTBIAY group comes to the end of Genesis, there is one overriding feeling that I just can't shake: these people were just as screwed up as we are. But even more important is the fact that God used them, nonetheless...guess there's hope for us, Amen?! I know it's really important not to judge, especially since we can't fathom the difficulties of living in this ancient time. But I can't get past a few things and I was wondering if some of you had anything you'd like to share on these matters...

A "Lot" to say on this: Okay, so Lot (Ch. 19) is so protective of his guests that he willingly volunteers to subject his daughters to the sexual atrocities of the gang of perverts outside?! I know it was a host's duty to ensure the safety of those under his roof, but I would think that would include his own flesh and blood as well. Or was his offer simply a ruse intended to stall the mob? He may have known he had some heavenly help inside and was merely trying to get rid of the crowd...especially if he was aware of their homosexual intent, he might have been guessing his daughters were safe. Thoughts?

A lot of deception going on! Poor Abimelech fell for the same old "She's my sister" line (Ch. 20) from not only Abraham (a lie he'd had success with before on Pharoah in Ch. 12), but also Isaac! Jacob, who became the father of nations, schemed to get what he wanted (Ch. 27). Laban and Rachel were dishonest. Simeon and Levi, even though they were avenging their sister's rape, disregarded the agreement between Shechem and their father and slaughtered all the men in town (Ch. 34). Tamar disguised herself as a prostitute to finally bear the children she'd been denied in Judah's family (38). Joseph's brothers lied about his disappearance (37) and Potiphar's wife's lie got him imprisoned (39). And yet in all this deception, God worked it out. Comments?

Crazy Sexploits! In addition to the aforementioned lewd behavior, Lot's daughters got him drunk to procreate in Ch. 19 (guess that would fall under "deception" too, huh?), and Reuben slept with his father's concubine...(I'm seeing a pattern here...)! Insights?

And all of this is just since my last post!

The way the book ends is actually sort of cathartic. The sons of Jacob each "received a blessing that was appropriate to him" (49:28) and Joseph and his brothers achieved peace before he died. You know, people who say the Bible is boring have not read Genesis. I'd put it up against any Hollywood blockbuster and say it has enough drama to emerge victorious! But even better is that we're given hope in seeing that God has a purpose for each of us, and even as we mess up--BAD, if we continue to seek him and his will with our whole hearts, he not only forgives, but works it all for good.

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Jen Keller said...

Well...I have a few issues with the 'Lot' thing too...I am really amazed at how much better I comprehend Genesis now as an adult!! I read the bible when I was 14/15 years old and really only did it to 'say that I did'. YOU ARE SO RIGHT...the drama is UNBELIEVABLE =) My life seems very boring now! I'm lagging behing, but will catch up soon...getting over an awful virus & 'walking pneumonia'...whatever that means ;) Thanks for your post was thought provoking and encouraging. - Jen Keller