Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Ditty

Attribute it to cabin fever after being snow-bound for two days, or just the crazy spirit of Valentine's love, but the kiddos and I have created a little Valentine's song. To fully enjoy this you must grab two or three people you love and belt it out at the top of your lungs. Presenting...

Cupid, The Diapered Archer

(Sung to the tune of Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer)

Cupid, the diapered archer, had a pair of rosy cheeks,
And if you ever saw him, your love life might get some tweaks.
All of his love-filled arrows, flying through the chilly air,
Might really hit their target, and then your heart you'll have to share!

Then that cupid, he'll look around, and see who you might match.
And when he sets his sights on him (or her), you're gonna have your catch.

Ooooooo (dramatically draw out with flair) oooooh, Cupid the diapered archer, hit his targets fair and square.
And on this Valentine's Day, (dramatically slow and crescendo) he's... made... a... rather... pair!

Ske-be-bop, skooby-de-bop, He's made a rather lovely pair!!!

Wasn't that fun? Bet you didn't know we could skat! Oh, yeah!
(My apologies to people who know true musical direction.)


Happy Valentine's Day! We love you!!!


Anonymous said...

TOOOO CUTE! Happy Valentine's day to you all. Love, Gretchen

M. Milbourn said...

man, it's a shame we didn't have church last could have sung/sang your song there!

Jen K said...

I L O V E it! I can't wait to try & get Wyatt to sing it with are SO creative!