Monday, March 12, 2007

Number 12

Yesterday, my honey and I "celebrated" our twelfth anniversary. I use the term "celebrated" in sort of an unconventional way, though. We didn't go out to a nice restaurant, we didn't take a trip, and we didn't exchange gifts. But it was definitely a celebration. We didn't do any typical anniversary-type "stuff," maybe because it was Sunday and by the time we got home from church it was already 1:00. Or maybe because we had band practice in the evening. Or maybe because we'd celebrated Valentine's Day and both our birthdays in the last month. Or maybe because we didn't want to have to pay a sitter when we knew Shane's mom would be here later this week and she'd watch the kids for free...
Or maybe it was because after twelve years that have seen highs--new and exciting jobs, a housebuilding project, establishing a life in this community, growing spiritually, and having children--as well as lows--miscarriage, infertility, depression, and other hard knocks--we know that no card or special gift can even begin to capture what we know we share. Now, I like cards, and dinners out, and gifts. A lot. But trying to "fit them in" yesterday would've somehow felt like a forced celebration, ya know?

Oh, but it was a GRAND celebration...

In the afternoon we loaded up kids, canine, and bikes in the truck and went to Lincoln Trail for a nice family bike ride. It only lasted about a quarter mile though, because on the other side of the dam was a little pier. If you know our kids at all, you know that rocks, water, and potential treasure can occupy them for hours. And Penny, our chocolate lab (who is very strong) was kind of tough to manage on her leash from a moving bike. She was actually pulling Shane at one point! So at this little area, I soaked in the beauty of an early spring day and enjoyed the company of the people I love best. I was overwhelmed with how blessed I am and I'm tearing up even now just thinking about it.

The picture above relates to sort of an inside scoop that I'll letcha in on. When Shane was little, his family nicknamed him "Bug" because he crawled around so fast. The name stuck and his Dad still calls him that to this day. I guess that makes him my Love Bug. :-)

So on the day after our 12th Anniversary, please know how much I love you, Baby. God has paired us up for great purposes (three of which are already revealed!) and I'm so honored to be your wife. Happy Anniversary. I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way.

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brittanie said...

Congratulations! That is beyond sweet.