Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Did y'all catch that beautiful eclipse last night? I couldn't get our camera to "find" it, but a google search turned up this picture, which is exactly what the one last night looked like.

I had just gotten the kids to bed and sat down to get online for a little bit, when I learned that there was a total lunar eclipse going on right outside and I wasn't even aware of it! I went outside and looked. Even though "totality" was still 20 minutes away, what I saw--pretty much exactly like this picture--was breathtaking. I went back in, told the kids to get their socks, shoes, and coats on (and believe me, once they're in bed, I RARELY do that!) and come see something special. Of course they were all over it. We took blankets out to help deal with the 13 degree temperature and sat on the porch marveling at this cool thing God lined up. Shane had shorts on, getting ready to start a workout, so he didn't stay out quite as long as the rest of us, but it was so cool!

We came in to warm up briefly a few times, finding new facts on the internet. Did you know that the outline is called a penumbra? Neither did we! Did you know that the next time we'll be able to see another total lunar eclipse here in the states is in December of 2010? Neither did we! And did you know that in the past year, there have been two other ones? Neither did we! (They must have occurred while we were snoozing.)

It was quite educational and very awe-inspiring. After the kids were in bed for the second time, I decided to check a concordance to see if the Bible mentions eclipses. I knew there were instances of darkness during the day, but I was curious about whether they were noted specifically as eclipses. They weren't. But what I did find was that whenever the moon "turns to blood" or "will not give light" it was usually mentioned in warning or sign of "horrible days". But everything else was dark too. No stars twinkling like there were last night. No peaceful stillness where your breath steam froze in the air like last night. No giggles and delighted shouts of, "Mom, get back out here! It's almost done!" like there were last night.

Just like we need water to live but too much can kill, or fire sustains life and takes it away, God uses these amazing cosmic events to forwarn, to be a sign, or just to bless. And blessed we were. Thank You, Jesus.


Paula said...

I love the way God 'shows off' with these things. I like to think of extra-ordinary natural events like that as God saying to himself, 'Let me see how I can entertain them tonight.' WOW - He really showed off his handiwork last night. Nathan and I sat in the yard a couple of years ago and watched a lunar eclipse. It looked just like your picture, but what was really cool was that for some reason, the moon appeared to be so close you could reach out and touch it - of course, it wasn't and we couldn't, but it WAS awesome. Last night, we ran in and out a couple of times, but did NOT sit outside. Don't know if I've ever mentioned it.... but I hate winter :)

Gretchen said...

It was cool. Brenna had told me about it when we were driving home from school and ask if she could stay up and watch it. I told her I didn't think so. She was coming down with a cold (she is home today from school) and had been up late the two night before. Well as we were driving home around 9:00 last night it had already started. So she got to see a little bit of it. I went ahead and put the kids to bed, but around 10:00 I woke her up so she could see it. We could see it from her bedroom window. She walked away from her window and I thought went back to bed, but I couldn't find her. I finally yelled for her and she was down stairs getting her breakfast. She thought it was morning. ;)

M. Milbourn said...

I hate to burst your bubble, but I pretty much already knew all of that stuff. JUST KIDDING! I'm just being a dork.

I enjoyed your post, along with the educational facts. I, personally, ran out the front door to look at it, and right back in, up the stairs, and climbed under the covers because I was freezing!

Denny said...

Hey, good fact-filled post Kath-I,
I spent quite awhile out trying to get some pictures of it, but the exposure was so loooonnngg,that I ended up with blurred pictures that looked like 3 or 4 moons jumbled together. Our kids didn't brave the cold as well as yours either, they came out looked at it for a few seconds and were back inside-like there Mama.
Even without getting good pix, it was awesome to look at anyway!

Beams of Light Ministries said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing that. I knew about and forgot about the lunar eclipse so I missed it. But, reading your report makes me feel as if I were there - with the kids, in the cold. This post has blessed me. Indeed, we serve an awesome God!

brittanie said...

One of the lil' kiddos at church ran and found me. He was screaming "Sis. Bittneeeee, it's a Wooner Clip! Come see, Come see!!!" =)

Childish wonder. Love that.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

What a great post Kathy! I cannot believe I have missed this. I missed the eclipse too! :) I bet it was beautiful. God's creation always amazes me.
Much love,