Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Braggin' Rights Continued...

The first installment of “Braggin’ Rights” was posted, like almost two months ago. Sorry for the lapse, but I'm picking it up again now. This installment will focus on the twinship of Lexi and Maisie, and then I'll devote a separate post later to each of them. I’ve tried really hard to not lump them together all the time, but I wanted to include a little something “twinny” because that’s an aspect of their uniqueness too.

When my girls were born, people couldn’t understand why Shane and I didn’t name them immediately. We had the names picked out, after all. But I needed to see both babies at once to know who would be named what! Because they came five weeks early, Lex had to be hooked up to a monitor for a day or so due to a few breathing irregularities. So on the day of their big debut I was able to see and hold Maisie, but Lexi was in the nursery.

Mais definitely “looked” like a Maisie Madolyn; she had light reddish blonde hair and full lips that suggested a beautiful smile would reside on them often. Her deep blue eyes set against her hair reminded me of sunshine and blue sky. The name Maisie means “pearl”—an apt description of her smooth, creamy skin, but I also associate it with a golden color for some reason (maybe because of “maize” meaning corn?). So a sunshiny, pearlescent name for this little “towhead” seemed absolutely perfect.

But I hadn’t really gotten a good look at “Baby B” before she was whisked away--would she look like an Alexandra Anne? When I was finally able to hold her and gaze upon that petite little dark-haired beauty, I knew—she was my Alexandra. Her little red lips were pursed into a perfect bow and when paired with her high forehead, gave her an aristocratic look. Yep, “Alexandra Anne” would be a perfect fit, though that was a big name for such a little squirt. “Lexi” for short worked perfectly. These days, she goes more by “Sassy” though. When Skylar was little, he couldn’t pronounce Lexi’s name—what he said sounded like Sassy, and because this girl definitely is sassy, it has stuck.

Having come in a pair, these two have always had a built-in playmate. Some of the time they can get on each others’ nerves just like any sibling can. But most of the time it's been a huge blessing. For instance, on a recent safari in the woods behind our house, the dynamic duo managed to find AND capture mating frogs--see below and yes, the small one is on the big one's back--AND furnish them with an appropriate enough environment that they'd continue to procreate!!! When the frogs finished after a few days (FINALLY--WOW!) I made the girls release them because we had enough eggs to supply frogs for the whole county.

Here are both remarkable pairs--frogs AND girls!

Don't these gals make a great team? They've been such distinct little ladies from the womb, but they're also compatible and enjoy many of the same things. God is SO good.


Paula said...

I LOVE your girls.

The one thing I said a lot when asked if I wanted a girl or another boy (when I was pregnant with Caleb) was that I absolutely LOVED all of the boy things about Nathan - the frogs, snakes, fishing, mud, dirt, etc. Those things that make little boys so much fun! I love that Lexie and Maisie can be so comfortable doing things like looking for frogs in the woods, and yet such little Ladies! You should be SO proud!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is so sweet!

They are so cute!
Much love,

Beams of Light Ministries said...

You have a beautiful family!