Monday, October 27, 2008

Movie Reviews...

If you haven't seen High School Musical 3 or Fireproof and don't want any give-aways, you may want to skip this. And some of you might disagree with me. But I just thought I'd share my views on two movies I saw over the weekend. :-)

HSM3: My least favorite of the series. I SO wanted to love this movie and I went in to it convinced that I would. I even guilted Shane into coming to see it with us. Now I’ll never live it down. ;-) Many of you may love it so I don’t want to step on toes, but here are some random thoughts I had as I watched it…
“Why does Gabriella’s hemline have to be cut so short in a dance number where she gets picked up, spun around, and has her arms raised so much?”
“Why do the cheerleaders’ tops have to be cut so low?”
“What happened to Ryan? I loved how his character grew in HSM2 and at how the Wildcats encouraged his talent and involvement. So why is he so one-dimensional now?”
“Did Zeke have more than two lines?” He was referred to more than he spoke.

And after I watched it…
“Uh…did I see them at prom or didn’t I?” Sure, T & G had “their own” prom but jumbled segments weakened the story-line for me. I think? Honestly, I was confused. And was that graduation or the musical or both at the same time?
“What were the walk away hit numbers? The Boys are Back was by far the coolest, but I can’t even remember the tune right now.” (Of course, I haven’t heard it 35 times yet on TV, either.)

I don’t want to seem too cynical. The kids liked it enough (and Praise Jesus! I heard my girls discussing how they thought some of the outfits were inappropriate!). But after 1 & 2, I wondered if we’d ever get enough of this fab group. I think I have now. So that’s good, right? :-)

Fireproof: Even if you’re not married this gem provides a lesson and reminder we all need—to love and serve others unconditionally. And for nonbelievers it presents them with the gospel message. Is the acting going to win any Oscars? Probably not. But if we use God’s measuring stick, as opposed to Oscar’s OR the world’s, this film is HUGE! The Holy Spirit can and will and is working through this movie to soften and convict hearts, plant seeds, and whatever else He sees fit to do. It’s a tool worth exposing yourself to.

Some thoughts while watching…
“My goodness, Kirk Cameron is all grown up! (Yikes, that means I am too.)”
“Where’s the humor and fun in the couple’s relationship? Did they used to have any before things got so bad?”
“Wow…she’s cold as ice! Give him a chance!”
“The big dude is a hoot!” There were some truly funny parts, especially with the male relationships at the fire house—and not a vulgarity to be found!

At a pivotal part in the story when Caleb, the husband, is at the crossroads of feeding his addiction or destroying it, I became angry at how accessible this particular temptation is. It literally just popped up right in front of him. A weak person stands little chance without the power of the Holy Spirit guiding his choices. Seeing him beat that devil down with a bat was very satisfying.

By the end, you see God’s work in a man who’s changed. And a wife too. AND you feel some hope that maybe the Christian niche will gain a stronger foothold in cinema. AMEN!


JenniferLayne said...

how sad to hear about hsm3. :( We'll probably still see it, but I think I'll always love the first one best, anyway!! Can't wait to see Fireproof, too. I need to go to the movies!!!!

Paula and David said...

Unfortunately, I have not seen any of the HSM movies. It could be because there's too much testosterone in my house..... HA! A house full of men wouldn't tolerate it, I don't think. On the other hand though, David is real good about watching 'chick-flicks' with me occasionally. I definitely want to see Fireproof. Like you, I am SO happy to hear that there are little girls out there whose mothers are raising them in such a fashion as to understand when something is not right (like the outfits being inappropriate!) Have I ever told you how much I love your girls?

Melissa Milbourn said...

okay, about two days ago, I left a big long two paragraph comment here, and it got lost in the cyber heavens. So, short version, haven't seen HSM3 yet, but did see Fireproof, let me just say that there were six of us who saw it ranging in age from seven to 60-something, and we ALL loved it!