Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fix: Loose vs. Lose

I was sure I'd done a Fix on this topic before because it's so pervasive and annoying. But a five minute facebook session in which I saw these terms misused enough times to send me into seizure resulted in me scouring my archives in search of said Fix. (Because, ya know, then I'd repost so that some of the offenders might learn something, because, ya know, a link on facebook is all it takes to change the error of our ways.)

Alas! No existing Friday Fix on loose/lose!

So here goes.

L-O-S-E is pronounced "luze", as in If we don't start making some shots, we're gonna lose the game!
As in Man, I hope Illinois doesn't lose again.
As in Sooo, if Illinois DOES make it to the big dance, will it be one and done? How long before we lose?

Oh, sorry. Got a little carried away. March madness, yanno. Go Illini!

L-O-O-S-E is pronounced "luce". As in How loose is your goose?
As in Make the noose loose.
I used "goose" and "noose" on purpose, to illustrate that if in doubt about the extra "o", you can picture a goose or a noose, or hey! Why not a goose wearing a noose ('cause I'm efficient like that), and remind yourself that because you want them both loose, keep the double o. Kay?

What's the time? Quiz, time, my friend! Are "loose" and "lose" used correctly in the following sentence?

His pants are so loose that he'll lose them if he's not careful!

You're right, it IS correct! (Both in usage and in terms of factual content--Tip: Suspenders, Buddy! Or how 'bout tightening that belt above the waistband of your underwear?)

And if that doesn't make sense, well then, you're probably just a looser. ;-)


nicole said...

you're hysterical :) thanks for brightening my friday - and educating me at the same time :)

Lisa Morrone said...

I hope I don't LOSE this bloggy information somewhere in my LOOSE brain!

Marsha said...

I just have to sing... "Pants on da groun', pants on da groun'! Looking like a looser witcha pants on da groun'!!"