Monday, September 17, 2007


I was reading an article the other day about a new car coming out that's tiny, fuel efficient, and all that. But what I thought was most interesting is that the car's inventor is the same guy who invented Swatch watches! Travel back in time with me, fellow "coming of age in the 80's" peeps, and try to recall. What did your favorite Swatch look like?

Unlike everybody who was anybody, I did not wear eight at one time (guess that made me a nobody). I was a farmer's daughter who considered herself lucky to have even one. And that's all I had, but I loved it. It had one red band, one black band, and the face was green paisley. As I write that, it sounds butt-ugly, but then again, it was the 80's. And then there were the Swatch guards. We couldn't have our Swatches getting scratched now, could we? I had a yellow one, a black one, and I think a blue one. Sometimes I twisted them or funkified them in some other way. But they broke after too much manipulation. I don't know whatever happened to old Swatchie. Maybe it'll turn up one of these days.

You know what's coming...tell me about your Swatches! :-)


Refresh My Soul Blog said...

LOL! I cannot believe the same guy is inventing cars. How does that work? Well-yes I had one. I do not remember it at all but I had the guards too. If I try hard enough maybe a pic will turn up so I can gaze and cherish the memory! :)

Much love,

JenniferLayne said...

Oh, my! I got a "Coca-Cola" watch for my birthday right before swatches got really big. So, poor me, I didn't get a swatch--I was devastated!! However, I wore my red and black Coca-Cola watch proudly--and it had a black guard!!


Gretchen said...

TOO FUNNY. I also had a swatch but can't for the life of me remember what it looked like. Maybe I would find it if I would go down and clean out my basement. ;) Or maybe I threw it out in one of the many moves. I only had one as well, but wore it everyday.

Anonymous said...

No Swatches here either but man did I have a great collection of hacky sacs. I had every color you can imagine (except pink - hey I was 9 and image was important you know). Couldn't kick the stupid thing more than 3 times in a row but my pockets bulged with those mini bean bags :)

Anonymous said...


My older sister bought me the Coca-Cola swatch with the motor cycle on the face and black band. I still have it! I was only 6 at that time!