Saturday, May 12, 2007


SaraSmile said...

The neckline is too low. Other than that, it's a cute outfit. The neckline doesn't seem like one that is modest enough for a Christian woman to feel comfotable in.

The poses we see on so many models in are just sleezy! It's sad, but it seems to be what sells. Are daughters want so desperately to have "the look". And the look they are exposed to over and over is not one that expresses purity. It seems to say that we can only find our feminine identity when we are alluring to men. That is so not what God wants his daughters to be. It is a challenge to encourage our daughters is Godly ways when the world has such a strong voice.

Kathy said...

I can't resist responding to this one either because I really like this outfit too. BUT, I would wear a tank under the shirt so the neckline doesn't dip low. (And white pants? I'd buy two sizes too big just to make sure merkels aren't showing THROUGH the material!) :-) And the comment from sarasmile re: poses and identity linked to whether we're alluring to men is SO relevant. As parents, We're constantly fighting that spiritual battle.