Saturday, May 12, 2007

I Need Your Opinions!

I've been asked to speak at a Pure at Heart event next weekend and the theme is dealing with pressure to fit in or conform to society's view of beauty. I want to tie that in with God's call to modesty and we'll explore what this means as we submit even our choices in appearance to our Lord and Savior. This is a touchy topic for a lot of people and I only want to go where the Holy Spirit leads. With regard to not being a stumbling block for others, our clothing choices come into play again...particularly with men being the visual creatures they are. So what I'm really asking for here is that you look at the pictures below and just react to each of them with a comment. (Those of you who don't like to post on blogs could email me at with your reactions.) Comment on such aspects as...What kind of person do I think this is? What vibe is she giving off? Does she "look" like a Christ-follower? Would I want to be like her? Is this a modest outfit? I think the answers will actually be quite varied, and quite honestly, I'm not sure what I'll get back. It should be interesting! I'm also asking that if you all could please refer this to others I'd really appreciate it--especially the male perspective from the teen-age years on up. (Heads up--though there is a bit of skin, it's comparable to what you'd see on prime-time TV.) I plan on sharing what I find with the group of young ladies next weekend and we'll examine it through the lenses of God's Word. Thanks so much!!! (And by the way, your prayers for God's sovereignty through all this would also be appreciated!)


JenniferLayne said...

I thought I'd comment in general before I comment on each picture. This is always a topic that I try to avoid, not because I don't think it's EXTREMELY important, but because it's just so wishy washy in my own brain and heart. If I'm brutally honest, I would say that the way girls/women dress rarely is offensive to me. I have no idea why. It's not as if I show my boobs, butt, and belly on a regular basis!! :) Maybe it's because I'm female, so it does nothing for me... Maybe it's because I've seen the look on too many girls' faces when their clothing is disapproved of and they weren't really trying to do anything wrong...I don't know. However, I have learned much from being married to a boy, and I do choose to see clothing choices as offensive because of what they do to the boys who happen to be looking (I guess that would be any boy within eyeshot, huh?!?). I also recognize that, although there are many girls who are not trying to be floozies, there are plenty of girls/women who know exactly what they are doing and choose to do it anyway. So, all that is to say that this is where I'm coming from AND I'm SUPER EXCITED that you're talking about this to those precious girls!! :)Jen

Debbi Lay said...

As a mother of two girls, the reality of the way girls dress these days scares me to no end! I was brought up that you cover your body in a way that keeps you safe. That is to say that a man is tempted by sight, their eyes are the key to their bodies. It is a scientific fact that men are turned on by what they see and women are turned on by what they feel. We really need to keep this in mind when we are buying clothes for our daughters! As my 13 year old dresses in the lates fashions, I hav edrawn a line in the sand (so to speak), Taylor is not allowed to buy the short shorts or skirts, and the belly baring tank tops, etc. The key to this is that she knows absolutely where I stand. There is no room for argument, no matter what everyone else is wearing, she knows my standards. You really have to gain a good backbone with the way the world is going! when I go to her school or even to the mall, I am amazed at the clothes! Skirts so short that you can almost see underwear peaking out the bottom. Shirts so tight and short that even thin girls look strange. IOf you look at the trends in teenage sexual activity and things of that nature, I believe that it corresponds directly with the things kids are allowed to wear, etc. If you do not have the control over your girls clothing, what makes you think that you have control over the things they do in private? Something that sounds so simple, covering your daughter's body, can help you to cover her heart and her soul. I f they know that they can come to you and trust that you will do what is right, even if it is not popular, they will gain a respect for you that is priceless. Taylor knows me, inside and out, and she knows that Ilove her enough to take care of her, and lead her in the best way I know how!

Kathleen said...

I would say that these girls are covered. Now, are they Christians by what they are would say the way the are standing and their face expressions say everything. A)They are too cool and B)Common boys come get me.