Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas '08

Just a few pix from this Christmas season. We really didn't take very many!

Here's Skylar on the night of his chorus concert.

And with Lexi and Maisie after the concert.

A family shot in front of the tree. I liked it better when our tree was in front of the window, but we did something different this year.
Penny the uncooperative reindeer didn't want to look at the camera!


Denny said...

Well look at you Miss-I haven't missed a day blogging yet this year. I'm impressed. :) hey those ares some good pictures. The little Lay people are getting soo tall!

Melissa Milbourn said...

GREAT pictures!! I love them!

denny and i are on separate laptops reading blogs, is that pathetic or what?!

Sara Boyer said...

Nice Pic's!

And congratulations on your daily posting!
Very Impressive!

I'm thinking the dog was not really that thrilled with the "antler's"! :)