Monday, January 5, 2009

Oui Wii!

Over Christmas break, the kiddos got used to staying up way too late at night (MAN! Who parents these kids, anyway?!) and sleeping way too late in the morning. So when Sunday night rolled around and the kids faced the first early morning they'd had in weeks, I knew I'd need to play hardball to get them into bed at a decent hour.

Enter Wii...

At 8:00 I said, "Kids, we have a new rule in our house. Whoever does not have their teeth brushed, shower taken, PJ's on, clothes for the next day laid out, and is not in their own bed by 8:30, will not get to play Wii the next day."

They scattered like cockroaches when the light's turned on.

It worked! All three bodies were in their respective beds by the designated time.

And tonight it worked again! I don't know how much I can milk this before the novelty wears off and one of them decides he or she doesn't mind skipping a day. But for now, it sure is good!

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Jen K said...

Nice! BUT - Don't worry...the newness will wear off & you'll have to get creative again!:)

The Wii is SO fun, isn't it! We love ours & even little Avery is getting the hang of it.