Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fess Up

I was thinking about this the other day: in our family, nicknames, and even just some words in general, don't remain in their original form. They always evolve. Sometimes into something really stupid. Shane and I will be in goofy moods talking in "Lay"-man's terms (get it?!) and then we'll just be like, "Do you think other people do this or are we the only nuts?"

Today, Missy posted about weird things her family does, so I thought I'd go ahead and share a little more about this strange thing our family does.

Take the name of our dog, Penny. That quickly became Penny-Poo. Which somehow became Penny-pooberly. Which was sometimes shortened to Pooh-bear. Which became Pooh-berry. Then out of the blue came Penelope (which I sometimes pronounce Penny-lope). Shane one day came up with Poobulon. Any combo of the aforementioned could also be used, such as Penny Penny Pooberry. Add a stupid "itsy boo" voice to that along with some serious belly rubbing and you pretty much have the picture! Poor dog answers to about 25 different name combinations.

I won't even get into our names for each other because, well, I'd punch anybody who wasn't blood who called me what I get called in this house. ;-) But you get the picture, right?

So the question is...are we just odd (I prefer to think of it as "fun in a quirky way"--after all, WE enjoy it!) or does anyone else out there do it too? Come on now, fess up.


Jen K said...

Well then, in the spirit of goofy-namemess...I will share one of our bizarre name twists for our dog, Wrigley.

We shorten it to "Wrig" a lot - and, she is a food scavenger & so we often change it to "Pig" or "Pigly". I personally call her "Rigsteroni", my Italian pasta version of her name. Wyatt often calls her "Rigs" or "Roni". Avery calls her "Pig-stir-roony".

Yep - we're freaky like that too! :)

Mommy Dot Com said...

I don't think we take it as far as you guys do. I call Lily, Lilster or Lily Bug. I feel bad about that b/c she is my child, not an insect. I call my husband Jack, All Man - cause he is ALL man. Too much info...sorry. My dog, Nate, I call Nate Dog. Boring.

We need help in this department. Lots and lots of help.

Paula said...

I used to wake Nathan up by singing him a song every morning...... not just any old song, but one that I made up every morning. The words were nearly always different, but the tune was ALWAYS 'I'm a little teapot'. To this day, I still entertain my family by making up a quick song with new words to that tune and it generally makes everyone wonder what goes on inside my head!

Yea - that's a frightening thought!

Gretchen said...

We have many different names for all of the kids. Brenna has always been B, Miss B, Brenna Bear, BB, Missy Jr. or Brenna Renna. Zia is Zia Bia (which her uncle had a shirt made with that one on it) Z, or Z Bug. Leighton gets tagged with Leighton Beighton, Leighton Creighton, and L-man. I guess we like the rhyming thing. Even the cat Dotz is called Dotzy Whatsy or Dotzy. Travis I usually call Trav or honey. Not to creative on that one. :)

Melissa Milbourn said...

we call our dog names too. oops, I mean nick names. :-) LOL

Anonymous said...

what about penny poobyalonismorisat?!