Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Lay-style New Year

As the final minutes of 2008 ticked away into history, the four people that I love the most were gathered with me in the family room playing Wii. (Thanks, Santa! We LOVE it!) Though we'd indulged in Ichiban earlier in the day, and were now full of cheesy garlic biscuits, we were still trying to improve our fitness ages and raise our scores to the professional level. Congrats to Lexi who is now a tennis pro!

At 11:59, we began the sixty second countdown. Then...Happy New Year!

We wanted to sleep in the glow of the Christmas lights one last time, all of us together in the living room. (Okay, FOUR of us did.) As we talked about some of our favorite memories from 2008, it was clear our vacation ranked high for everyone. But you know what else did? And this was from the kids..."Really, all the times were great except when someone was hurt or we argued." Amen. Lord, You've been so good to us.

As the first rays of light of a brand new year slipped over the horizon, this is what 2009 found... A dad and a mom who were in their bed (how'd that happen?), three precious kids slumbering in a nest of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals on the living room floor, and the peace of knowing that God's presence is infinite, awe-spiring, sometimes confusing and uncomfortable, but always trustworthy.

And what's this? One little cherub face had been marked up with lipstick as she slept blissfully unaware.

Yeah, I'd say that's about right in this house!

Thank You, Jesus.

Happy 2009!